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If you're becoming a drone connoisseur, you have have developed a preference for certain types of drone designs, perhaps for the different feel they offer while flying, or perhaps by simple preference for how a particular design looks. For this purpose, we've categorized our drones by design: tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter, octocopter, as well as drones that incorporate an innovative foldable design. For those who aren't yet drone connoisseurs, tricopters have three engines and propellers, quadcopters have four, hexacopter six, and octocopter have eight. Consumer drones are more often encountered in the quadcopter type design, with x or + configuration, but also occur in other types of designs. For drone hobbyists looking to get into drone building and customizing, quadcopter designs are usually recommended, as most drone parts and components are designed with the quadcopter design in mind. Tricopter designs tend to fly more like an airplane than a copter, and tend to be less expensive because they only require three engines and propellers. Hexacopter designs tend to be encountered with aerial photography drones and agricultural drones, which require extra thrust to lift payloads like photography and filming equipment, or pesticides. The extra motors provide redundancy, reducing the risk of a crash in the event of an engine failure. The same can be said about octocopter designs, with the difference that two additional drone motors and engines are adding additional power and thrust to the drone. Finally, all of the aforementioned drone designs can incorporate a foldable design, allowing you to fold in the propeller arms for great portability.