Skynex Global Drones is a global leader in the sale and distribution of the world's best and most popular consumer hobby drones, drone parts, and drone accessories for amateur and professional purposes. Customers who purchase their drone through Skynex Global Drones benefit from our special expertise in consumer hobby drone care, repair, maintenance, and customization. Our customer sales representatives are readily available to answer any questions you have regarding your drone. 

Skynex Global Drones was founded and is run by people with a strong passion for remote-controlled drones, whether for recreational flying, amateur or professional drone racing, or amateur or professional aerial drone photography. Skynex Global Drones is dedicated to making consumer hobby drones, drone parts, and drone accessories more accessible to consumers and consumer markets around the world. 

Skynex Global Drones' operations are based in Toronto, Canada's economic, tech, and entrepreneurial capital. As an e-commerce business, its operations transcend national borders, and its revolutionary products are purchased by drone enthusiasts from all over the world.

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