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Skynex Global Drones, Ltd.™ (hereinafter "Skynex Drones™"), having its registered head office in the city of Toronto, Ontario, is a corporation organized and governed exclusively under the laws of the province of Ontario and Canada. Incorporated on 09/11/2017, the business and affairs of Skynex Drones™ consist in the sale and distribution of unmanned aerial vehicles ("UAV"), also known as unmanned aerial systems ("UAS") or "Drones", for commercial, industrial, and/or for personal purposes. As an e-commerce business, Skynex Drones™ operations transcend national borders; its products are sold world-wide.

Skynex Drones™ was founded, and is governed by a board of directors that have a strong passion and interest for the development of civilian drones, whether it be for commercial, industrial, or personal purposes. Skynex Drones™ is dedicated to making drones more accessible to the general public, and to help maximize their potential use in advanced economies around the world.

The broad and in-depth expertise of Skynex Drones™ representatives allows it to find and recommend UAV/UAS solutions for commercial, industrial, and for personal needs. Skynex Drones™ representatives are readily available to assist its customers in finding the right UAV/UAS solution.

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